Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blog Ey...

always wanted to start a blog... i guess to write random shite for myself. to learn more about myself and what i am thinking... wonder if anyone will read this...?

i guess this will be a personal insight into what interests me... truly what is in-ti's-eyes.

at the moment, i am having lots and lots of trouble studying. i really just cant be bothered anymore, it is way too hard to get motivated... so today i am having a total-going-out-ban. not stepping out of the house, which i think is going to be extremely difficult, considering that i have no food left... what should i do?... what to eat?...

what excitement have we seen in the past few days?... well i enjoyed my first session of suturing.
Probably didn't need so many sutures, but i got carried away.

Anyways, i think i had better get back to embryology... bi-laminar germ disc and blastocysts await...


  1. HEY! you got a blog =) welcome to my world! hehe.

  2. lol!... i have always wanted to start a blog, but never gotten around to it, today the force of procrastination was too strong... and it made me actually write on this blog thing that i have had sitting around for quite a while. lets see how long this lasts for!