Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4ONE Day-89-31AUG11

Ran out of time to finish posting last night... but yesterday I was grateful for trying to make my own version of the "big brekkie"... at a fraction of the cost too...

poached eggs didnt work out... but I guess that will give me something to be grateful for when it does work.

4ONE Day-88-30AUG11

Something about big shiny buildings that I am attracted to and grateful that someone designed and made possible...

4ONE Day-87-29AUG11

my poorest dear... tried so hard to look lovely and her best... for my belated birthday dinner tonight... thank you dear... thank you so much... but today it would be unfair if i wasnt grateful for band-aids and tissues... look at her poor feet =(... poor thing...

4ONE Day-86-28AUG11

Day after the ball I was grateful for... great company and brunch... oh and NORDENFINE... if you havent yet tried it... get on to it... there is a shop on pako... and also one in torquay... pako is better though... bigger serves and friendlier staff!

4ONE Day-85-27AUG11

Oh... dear another really really long break away... hahah... sorry... internet and slackness is to blame this time... so what was i grateful for on the 27th?... hmm... scratching my head and looking back... i think i was grateful for....

oh yeah... dressing up... looking good/gorgeous... also grateful for having such a wonderful fiancee...

Friday, August 26, 2011

4ONE Day-84-26AUG11

Grateful for friends that make cakes.

Miriam made this for My and Nick's birthday... and it was so... awesome!

and Justin also bought and decorated a lovely cake for us too today!... thanks for the love guys!

4ONE Day-83-25AUG11

Today, I am grateful for wonderful advice. It is really hard these days to get good advice and good service. If ever you are in town and in need of a tipple, please head down to Randall's Wine and Spirits down at the river end of Pakington Street. Service here is great and the prices surprisingly aren't dear compared to other bottle shops... and did I mention that the service here is great? Today Shirlene suggested that I try some awesome tonic water by the name of Fever Tree... it really is AWESOME! I don't think I can really have a normal G&T ever again... most awesome combination... Fever Tree & Hendricks...

Thank You.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

4ONE Day-82-24AUG11

Today is the day that I was born, I could be grateful that I was born... I could be grateful for having birthdays... but today what I am really grateful is for being able to still receive mail. Something about receiving mail that is very satisfying!... not bills of course. only lovely cards and letters.

Tell someone you love them... send them a card, or a handwritten letter.


I also enjoyed my coffee at cafe GO today.

4ONE Day-81-23AUG11

Tuesday was such a wonderful day out in the sun, got taken out to the beach... grateful today for the wonderful weather and the nice time at the beach... should have brought some books and spent the day studying here! =)

no we did not go in... scary... there were so many cars parked around too...

loved the pebbles on the beach

can anyone who knows what this is please ID it for me and let me know if it is edible? cos there were heaps of them!

what is this for?

4ONE Day-80-22AUG11

Grateful today for the lollies that I use to love. They still make them the same as I remember...

4ONE Day-79-21AUG11

Internet gone crazy again...sorry so this is again a mass post, would have done it last night, but I was surprised with a surprise birthday party, hence was unable to get to uni to post my work. on the 21st of Aug I was grateful for health kicks.... I wish I could stay healthy all the time and eat healthy and exercise constantly but i am lazy and love my food, so I have to rely on health kicks such as I am having at the moment... trying to increase my cardio and eat a little healthier... please enjoy my carrots!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

4ONE Day-78-20AUG11

grateful for my toothbrush... my teeth are already wonky as it is... don't need them to get weak and discolored too...

don't forget your toothbrush... and yes... I am slowly trying to get into flossing too!!!...

have a great weekend guys!

Also today the weather was so nice... and the sun was beautiful so I just had to show how grateful for the sun today I was... so here is a bonus post... consider yourselves lucky... haha... kidding...

Friday, August 19, 2011

4ONE Day-77-19AUG11

So... I finally have some closure... officially found out that I have a black spot right around my house in Geelong... hence the reason for the extremely poor 3G internet connection. So I have to apologize again for not having posted yesterday... had to wait till I got good reception today at Melbourne Uni.

So what was I grateful for yesterday... might be only pharmacist and maybe some doctors that agree with me... but I am grateful that these products are no longer recommended for children!... have a look at the ingredients...

Ephedrine and Doxylamine for kids!... night-time cold medication... likely not to wake up the next day if overdosed...

ephedrine for children's relief of Asthma, Bronchitis and Hayfever... hahaha... sure...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food for thought

Burger with the lot - Burger Inc. Pakington St. - burger was slightly charred... but the awesome fillings made up for it. Very tasty.... and the closest you will get to Grll'd in Geelong.

Fries however were a different kettle of fish... nice and crispy, just the right amount of salt and nice and fresh!... WIN...

Dinner last night [18AUG11] - Slow cooked pork ribs on egg noodles. Next time will definitely leave the cumin out... and reduce the sugar... otherwise was a pleasant meal...

Recently taking up doodling for some reason...

there is something therapeutic about doodling...

4ONE Day-76-18AUG11

Walking to uni today, ready to add a photo to my blog. Then realized that my camera had turned into a paperweight.

How am I so magical? how can I turn a camera into a paperweight? Easy...

Forget to bring the batteries.

Suddenly I realized what I would be grateful for today...

4ONE Day-75-17AUG11

Every now and then, I stumble across something that stops me and makes me want to take photo. Today this was what caught my attention. Hopefully whoever this belong to, they were grateful for it. This was once I am sure a gleaming new shiny toy, but today it sits under a tree... waiting... hoping one day to be loved again, but I think it is too late...

Grateful for the toys we once loved.

Also if you haven't noticed yet, below there is a like and unlike button. please help me letting me know how I am going. Cheers!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4ONE Day-74-16AUG11

So what is this?

This is the Swanston Centre - Acute Psychiatric Admission Unit in Geelong

Why am I grateful for this building? I am grateful because I am not a patient here. I am hopefully, sane, in good mental health and not in need of acute psychiatric care. I had a placement today that was very very confronting, I am ok, but it just showed me how fragile our lives can be and how fragile the human mind can become, making me feel more and more grateful that I do not suffer from a mental illness.

Grateful for my sanity and well being.

Monday, August 15, 2011

4ONE Day-73-15AUG11

Grateful for Gatsby, this is the only hair product that seems to work in my hair. Vain maybe... but seriously, it is so hard to find something that works and Gatsby is just great at keeping my hair up! =)

Shameless plug for Gatsby, maybe?... but more to get people out there to try it out... at the very least it smells great... =)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

4ONE Day-72-14AUG11

Today, Gratefulness comes back to the kitchen. Today I am grateful for my thai fried chicken that I had for dinner. After trying 2 supermarkets, and not being able to find my ingredients I was almost ready to give up, but luckily I didn't because this dish was awesome...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

4ONE Day-71-13AUG11

Why else would I be grateful.

Having free wi-fi at McDonalds is a luxury for us in Australia.

How else would I spend my lunch alone at McDonalds... hahaha... was lovely sitting outside of Maccas, reading the news on my iPad and enjoying the sun.

4ONE Day-70-12AUG11

Keep constantly having problems with no internet...or poor internet at home.

On Friday night, went into Melbourne for our dodgeball competition. Had been training hard (watch essential snippets of dodgeball the movie) for this interuniversity event. Where we were meant to compete against Melbourne and Monash university. Turns out we werent bad at dodgeball, and managed to pull a second position finish against the brutes(not to mention cheaters) that were the Monash-Globetrotters... all in all, it was great fun and a good night to socialise with others. But wait, what was I grateful for?... oh yeah... grateful that we came second and were awarded this... yum...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

4ONE Day-69-11AUG11

Wandering through the "upmarket" side of Geelong - Pakington St. I came across something that made me smile. I am a big fan of inspirational words and the like. This one really captured my attention.

"Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine"

Reminds you that anywhere you go, even if things seemingly turn out shit, it really depends on how you see it. So next time things are not going so well, bring your own sunshine and turn things around. You really can't chose on what happens or what is thrown on your path through life, but you can change the way you react.