Monday, August 1, 2011

4ONE Day-59-01AUG11

Today, I could tell you how grateful I was for such great weather...

I could tell you how grateful I was for signs that make me laugh...seriously?... are you sure you can ride a bike up the stairs Dennis?

I could have told you about how grateful I was today for getting some awesome parcels filled with deep fried fish and chips... mmm... but too salty... so I guess I wasn't THAT grateful... lol...

I could have told you how grateful I am to have some awesome friends... lol...

or how grateful I am for popcorn...

But today I want to share someone or some people that I am grateful for. I am really grateful to know people like my friends Tim and Nicole. 

Why? cos they inspire me to care about the environment. They are two of the greenest people I know... and although I don't know alot about global warming, rising sea-levels, contamination of our environment or the sustainability of our world, I have learnt alot about how I can treat this earth better by following some of the examples of my two friends. 

From being constantly reprimanded for putting bottles in the bin, to thinking... hmm... Tim must be walking to uni... (at least an hour one way), seeing how much passion these two have for caring for our environment (by the way I think Tim is organizing some tree planting in the near/immediate future so get on to him if you are interested) is a constant inspiration to me to try and live a little greener.

Today they were on mission to spread the word and raise awareness regarding some environmental issues that have been occurring in the USA, where gas mining by method of fracking was causing contamination of the water system and leading to some terrible consequences in certain states. Tim screened the movie/documentary titled:
and although it is not a movie that I would have gone out and watched/downloaded, sometimes it takes people like Tim and Nicole to hold events such as tonight's movie night to raise awareness about things that are happening in our world...  

even the beer was green... WIN. and there was some awesome food and discussion after the movie... until the fire alarm went off... which WASN'T our fault... some guy on the 5th floor forgot his pass and hit the fire alarm...??? yeah wtf... THANKS guy on the 5th floor.

If our world had more people that were involved in keeping our world green, it would be a much better place.

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!

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