Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hate Blog.

I am a hater, I hate lots of things... stupid people, stupid drivers, studying, puppies... well maybe not puppies, but what I have hated for a quite some time and haven't really told anyone is...

photos of people jumping. actually let me be a little more specific, photos of people jumping like they are doing an advertisement for Toyota or JetStar.

This is ok. The subject is part of an advertising campaign, and the advertising company is JetSTAR...hence the star she is portraying.

The jumping shots I really find annoying are the ones which are just snapshots, where someone has just gone "Hey! why dont you Jump?" you will find these all over Facebook and there are so many I see and really want to post and show you what I mean, but I do not wish to risk offending anyone I know.

When adding a jumping subject to the photo, I think certain questions must be asked!

  • what value does the jump add to the photo?
  • what is the point of jumping?
  • are you really that happy that you have to be jumping?
  • what is the lighting like?
  • is the jump the subject of the photo?
  • do you still have to watch my composition?
  • CAN my subject actually jump? - i really find jumping photos where the person is not capable of pulling off  a really jump and all you see is legs about 5cm off the ground and hands up above their head really really frustrating.
  • do you really need a jumping shot in a wedding shoot? - if anything annoys me more than a snap of jumping people, it is a bride & groom or bridal party jumping. Really? do you really need to jump? i know it is a happy day and everything, but really, you are wearing a beautiful dress, looking absolutely gorgeous and ladylike, and now you are jumping like a nicompoop. REALLY?...is that necessary?


 What do you think of the above pictures, photography is form of art and photos are interpreted individually, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and as you can see, mine is that jumping shots are not easy to pull off. Call me conservative, but seriously, the jump in both of the examples above do not add any value. If someone has a nice wedding photo of jumping people feel free to comment and prove me wrong...

All the hating aside, there are some photographers that are able to effectively use the "jump". One of my favorite at the moment is Natsumi Hayashi.



She has good composition of the scene and ADDS the element of a jump into the scene, not using the jump as a subject. Her images are seemingly effortless so as to make it look as if she is floating or levitating.

This post is in no way aimed to personally attack anybody or a particular style of photography, I am only expressing my thoughts and opinions which I hope I am entitled to. I hope I have not offended anyone, rather started a topic for discussion.

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