Sunday, April 3, 2011


Decided to try a hand a making paella tonight. Firstly bought the ingredients in the morning. But ARGH!! Couldn't find the paella i did a quick google search to find that i could substitute with aborio rice... so this is what i bought.

Got the knife sharp and ready for some chopping - NB. Knives, always sharpen before and after use, and wash in cold water. This will prolong the life of the knife and also never put it in a metal strainer, this can make it blunt and also cause it to rust.

Hello Ms. Parsley, washed and ready to be chopped.

Don't forget the chorizo... mmm... chorizo...

 Ready to cook...

 Frying the parsley, chicken, bacon, chorizo, onion and garlic.

The most expensive ingredient... Do you know what the cost of Saffron per kilo is?... bananas are $10.98 today but saffron is still around the $120000.00 per kilo(serious. i calculated it). Beautiful color and aroma, reminds me of good times at Bridgewater Mill.

Seafood Marinara mix ready to go... wish the mussels were still in their shells...but beggers cant be choosers right...?

Plated up... ready to be eaten...

Hungry yet? The rest is frozen for future consumption...
The end...

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Looks yummy! Can't get chorizo here in Msia!!!