Friday, June 17, 2011

4ONE Day-14-17JUN11

One of my favorite senses has to be hearing. I love listening to music, even though I can sing,play or dance to music, I still really really enjoy it. Chilling out listening to my favorite tracks has got to be the most relaxing things in the world. I can be on a flight, on a bus, in lecture, but if I have my music, I am right where I want to be.

So today, I am grateful that I am able to hear. Sometimes we hear things we don't want to hear. it is not always because people don't like us or because we are bad people. Sometimes it is simply a misunderstanding. You can't chose or control what people say to you, but what you can control is how you think and react to what they are saying.


  1. Nice photo Zhen Ti =)

    It's true, I am grateful too for being able to hear...even though there are times when I hear
    harsh things. I like constructive criticism because then I can change myself, but anything deconstructive or misconstrued is hard to listen to. I think anyone would feel the same. I don't like the sound of my alarm as well. Besides that...I am grateful for hearing my family's and friends' voices, music and sound of rain when I am inside the house, warm with a mug of hot chocolate or tea. The sound of cars on the road in the early mornings and the sound of a full lecture theatre with people flipping paper and unfolding tables on lecture recordings =))

  2. Great photo! How did u take a photo of yourself? And compose it to that? Is so true that we have a choice in how we react and process what we hear other people say about us. We however must be responsible for what we say, whether it be a positive or negative comment. Great job with your project! Love the photos and the thoughts behind them. Keep them coming. I've got 351 days to look forward to!

  3. thanks guys... sorry it took so long to reply...been busy...very busy... almost missed my deadline for posting a few times during the week.
    @2Big... how are the boys?... i took the photo using a tripod, 10sec timer and a flash in a pitchblack room (my bed room) then merged the two photos in photoshop. i will continue to try hard to keep posting!... =) it has been alot of fun, and fulfilling at the moment!

    keep following me!! =) lol...