Saturday, June 11, 2011

4ONE Day-8-11JUN11

Waking up and staying awake has been such a struggle over these past few weeks. Thank goodness that when I have time, I can wake up, turn on my espresso machine, tamper some granules, extract some liquid gold, stretch some skim milk and have myself a wonderfully fulfilling cup of coffee. Smell of roasted coffee grounds wafts through the kitchen, smooth velvety milk washes over the tongue, creamy, nutty, coffee taste rolls tantalizes the tastebuds and the caffeine hits the AWAKE button in my brain. Just what I need to get ready for an intense day of revision.

Hope everyone has had a great Saturday. The weather has been miserable, but what better excuse to stay indoors, cuddle up with your favorite book or person and stay nice and warm. Thats what I would do if I wasnt studying... and back in Adelaide.

If out in Geelong, hit up Cafe GO for a great drop of coffee. The grind is great, milk is awesome and service is really really friendly. If you are hungry, even the food isnt too bad! 

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