Sunday, June 5, 2011

4ONE Day-2

I made it to day 2. YES.. achievement... made it before midnight so it still is day 2... right?

Had a great talk with Angie last night, and was complaining to her about how much study I have... and how I am going to fail... the usual topic of the past 2 or more weeks.

"You will be fine. At least you CAN study. So many people want to study but can't"

So today Sunday 5th of Jun 2011 I am grateful that I have the chance to study. Not only that, but I have a chance to study something that will hopefully help someone other than myself in the future.

So in-line with everyone frantically studying for exams at the moment, don't forget to take a break (which i am sure you are doing now... cos you are reading my blog).

I know that sometimes studying can feel like:

But, in the end everything will be fine in the end. Good luck with the next week, SWOTVAC and EXAMS everyone! See you on the other side.


  1. You are indeed lucky to be able to further your studies.... Into a profession that will one day make a difference in someone's life. Keep faith and don't give up! Your reward will be great in heaven.

  2. thanks guys. Thanks 2Big, I am at the moment studying very hard, as I have exams in just over one week. Should have chosen a better time to start this project! hahaha...