Tuesday, June 7, 2011

4ONE Day-4

No this is not a campaign promoting KRAFT, although they do make lots of great stuff, vegemite, crunchy peanut butter and philly cheese... mmm... hungry... today's photo has a little more to it than just sandwiches.

When I was young, my parents would pack lunch for me. This was my lunch - from memory. I used to remember day in day out, opening my lunch box and finding a neat sandwich in a plastic sandwich bag, smeared with peanut butter... as the years went on, I started to get bored of this lunch and would often "lose" my lunch in the bin... opting to rather not eat lunch at all, rather than take lunch home and get told off for not eating during lunch time! how silly I was when I was little. Now, living away from home, I have no one to make my lunch...

So today Tuesday 7th of Jun 2011 twenty years late, I would like to thank my parents and let them know how grateful I am for taking care of me through all of my growing up life...even though I may not have appreciated it at the time. Some people are still lucky enough to get packed lunch!...


  1. haha love this one mate. same thing for me. so many times i would "finish" my lunch right into the bin. our poor folks, we were such unappreciative kids

  2. haha... that makes 2 of us mate. I think I was worse, sometimes i remember throwing my lunch away, borrowing money from one of you guys for lunch then going home and telling dad that i was still hungry and had to borrow money for food... next day, got money to return people, and TWO sandwiches... sigh... hahah... unappreciative...