Sunday, June 12, 2011

4ONE Day-9-12JUN11

Everyday I'm studying...

so many little things mean a lot to me at the moment. I love finding a quiet spot somewhere and take some time out listening to music. It takes me to a place far far away... Hopefully everyone can find their quiet place, where they can go to get away. At the moment, this is my quiet place which I am grateful for.

A wise mentor told us that if you are feeling one or more of these feelings:

Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired

Don't forget to HALT and consider what you are doing.

Hope everyone has had an awesome weekend.


  1. Zhen, you look different..... Is it your hair, glasses, or have you actually aged? The beginning of the future. Enjoying your project. Keep them coming and good luck in your exams.

  2. hahaha.... i hope i havent aged... its my hair and glasses... got a hair cut... during winter... silly move... but was getting really annoyed with it!... Thanks for the well wishes...!

  3. You look deep in thought..hope you're not listening to a lecture and actually enjoying music!