Thursday, June 30, 2011

4ONE Day-27-30JUN11

Sometimes, you really don't appreciate little insignificant things until u lose them... this is one of those stories... I don't really care if I look like a sook... this is my story and I am going to tell it... so, i try to work whenever I get back to Adelaide... this time back, having not worked for a while, I had not put through any scripts for a long time... anyone who has worked with me, will know that I am pretty pedantic when it comes to putting through scrips and will almost always try to get rid of all the staples... problem arose = no staple remover... solution... be a man and pull them out with my nails.

Consequence = really sore fingers and to a point where if I touch something metallic, it would give me a small electrical shock sensation...

What did I do about it...? did what any man would do... whinge about it to my fiancee... and here is what she got me...

Point is, you really don't realize a lot of the time how much you use something in your everyday life, something as small as a staple remover makes all the difference in my life. Take a moment today and think about some of the small things in your life that you may miss if one day it disappears.

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