Friday, June 10, 2011

4ONE Day-7-10JUN11

Hmm... sitting in my PBL tutorial room, sipping on sake, reading about testicular descent... I should just take a photo of this and be grateful for today... but today I wanted to share something that I am actually grateful to Victoria for.

Victoria seems to always try to steal our South Australian thunder, they have the Melbourne Cup, they did not use to have Famer's Union (they do now) and they stole the Formula One from us... but something that we don't have in SA that I really appreciate here is supermarkets that close at MIDNIGHT!... that right adelaidians, instead of hurrying and panicking around 9pm, the supermarkets here, COLES and WOOLIES(some are still safeway) are all opened until 12 midnight! It is such a luxury being able to go out almost anytime after uni, after work and get some shopping. The best we have in Adelaide is a COLES that OPENS at midnight.

So today, I think in Geelong I am pretty lucky to have the luxury of longer supermarket operating hours. What do you think? I think you may not really think much about it, but if they were shorter, it would make a lot of difference, would mean that I need to get organized!... = bad

Have a great night people!

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