Saturday, July 2, 2011

4ONE Day-29-02JUL11

Woke up today with a phone call from mum "hey did you know that tiger is not flying tomorrow"

"crap" I thought...

now I might have to take the bus back... at least I might have one more day in Adelaide... so frantically spent the morning searching for flights... wow...! everything was too expensive to justify... and bad times... then something caught my eye on Virgin Australia's site....

"help for stranded tiger passengers"

sent them an email with my details and although it took all day, at 1700 I got a call when driving from shopping to home, asking me what time I would like to fly tomorrow... and all for $100 including 23kg worth of luggage.

So today I am thankful for Virgin Australia helping unfortunate passengers such as myself to get back to where we need to go whilst Tiger gets grounded, and possibly faces termination of service.

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