Monday, July 4, 2011

4ONE Day-31-04JUL11

Somethings just make you smile, or laugh. Today I saw one of these things. I think you can never have too many of these things to brighten you day. The best ones, are when you have had a rotten day, and when you think that there is nothing in the world that can cheer you up, and almost at the end of the day, something happens, and brings a smile to your face.

I am grateful for these things everyday, because there is only so much one can do to try to keep themselves entertained and cheerful. I hope by sharing this today I can bring a smile to your face. If it doesn't make you smile, I am sure that the thought of me running through the carpark with my camera chasing down my friend's car as they took off without me should.  Especially the bit where they drove off with the boot open to try and lose me... (you can see them making a get-away in the right of the first photo) Thanks guys... what are friends for...

Don't forget to smile... apparently it takes more muscles to frown than to smile... and I know I am pretty lazy...

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