Thursday, July 7, 2011

4ONE Day-34-07JUL11

There really is only one thing to be grateful for today... and that is for passing my exams. Hope everyone else did passed with me...

to those that need to sit sups... chin up... i could be worse and without failure you will never know how good success tastes. good luck and i am sure you will be ok.

thanks heaps for the support during my hostile times hun. I love you.

also i would not have done this without my study group, or as I like to call it, my community. your support has proven once again invaluable.

went out tonight to celebrate... had some of the best pizza in geelong (except the scallop pizza... fail) and some nice drinks... and NO the cranberry lychee martini is not feminine... even so... who care... i have passed and i can drink whatever i want.

so grateful for passing. life is good at the moment.

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