Saturday, July 23, 2011

4ONE Day-50-23JUL11

I really love melbourne for its artsy and hidden gems, love trying new places and grateful for exploring and finding these places.... One that I have heard about for a long long time but never actually looked it up is Seven Seeds. I was surprised to find that it was just around the corner from Melbourne uni which I frequent regularly. So onto Berkley street it was... and if I did not have the address, I would have never found the place. Ordered my usual testing coffee... skinny latte. It was nice, not the best coffee I have ever had, unusually sweet roast, with not much of a nutty taste. Milk had a nice texture, not burnt and the coffee was well extracted and not burnt. Pair this up though with the awesome artsy atmosphere, I think it is still a wining combination. A place I would visit frequently if I lived in Melbourne.

the only signage indicating the shopfront.

bustling atmosphere inside, i counted 3 coffee machines each with 3 group heads. AWESOME...

Jam with that scone?...

vintage ammo cartons for holding utensils... nice touch

long ride in from dandenong?dont worry, there is space for your two wheeler.

something Cadel's daughter would ride.

nice selection of fixies.

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