Monday, July 11, 2011

4ONE Day-38-11JUL11

Where would we be without keys? I think we don't appreciate how important our keys are. They are something so personal, it is one of the barriers between you and having a safe place to rest at night. Usually we don't really understand how important these little shiny pieces of metal are until you are at the front door and you feel your heart sink as the pocket or bag where your keys usually lives is empty, there is not jingle when you shake your bag, you knock on the door and no one is home... so many times I have forgotten my keys and had to "break in" to my own home... really appreciate having my keys with me... plus they are also great for other things:

- opening letters
- opening bottles
- entertainment for small children... and some big ones
- self-defence?

hope you have your keys... don't leave home without them!

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