Thursday, July 28, 2011

4ONE Day-55-28JUL11

what can I be thankful/grateful for today. Ended up heading down to Melbourne with a couple mates after a long time debating with myself whether or not to go... but as most people know, I am easily persuaded... *sigh*... one of my many weaknesses. I am a sucker for a chance at having a great dinner... but alas...we ended up at one of the many fakenese (fake japanese) restaurants in Melb. In one word... yuck, in two words, fake japanese, in three words, bad service yuk. i think you get my drift... ended up having to satisfy our hunger by eating lord of the fries...

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although this was not what I was planning to use for my grateful entry. Instead, walking around Melbourne I usually see homeless people sitting in front of Maccas on Swanston and they always make me feel grateful to have somewhere warm to rest at night, and I know it is really selfish of me but I am grateful for them, reminding me how lucky I am.

Here are some other random photos from tonight.

 oh yeah... and there was a bin on fire. corner of Collins and Russell...most random thing I have seen in Melbourne yet.

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