Sunday, July 3, 2011

4ONE Day-30-03JUL11

Wow... 30 days have past since I started... somedays have been harder than others, somedays I will just wake up and know what I would like to share... other days... I have to think hard or fight off other more pressing issues like exams... and catching up...

Today... was my last day of holidays and last day in Adelaide... for a few months, one thing that I appreciate so much whilst being away... is having hot food cooked for me. So lucky when I go back no matter where I go for dinner, I will have food, and someone trying to feed me. All week I have had lunch prepared for me thanks to Angie's mum, and dinner either out, or at Angie's house or my parents house. Thank you for taking care of me all week!...

Today's photo is of my mum & dad's curry noodles that we love.

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