Saturday, July 16, 2011

4ONE Day-40-13JUL11

First of all, I have not failed. I am still taking photos. Only in the past few days, I have had technical problem over technical problem... Day 40 my internet stopped working, Day 41 I was transferring data and had no USB ports available for downloading images... Day 42 same story and that now brings us to Day 43... I will still post these up individually though... sorry for the few people following me on my journey... I am sure there has been no lost sleep over my short disappearance.

So tracking back... what was I grateful for on Wednesday the 13th of July. Today, we had a seminar on how to manage life/work balance as a Dr. and I had attended this same seminar last year and remembered that there was really good food! that's not the reason I attended again though, I remember sitting through the seminar last year and listening to one particular speaker and being inspired by his albeit mundane journey. I think what captivated me was that although he was a very senior doctor, he still was very humble and respected not only his team but also his patients and those around him. This was the type of doctor I hoped to one day become. So today I took some sneaky shots of him talking to us, and wanted to share how grateful it is to have teachers and mentors such as Stephen Parnis. Thank you for taking time out in your busy life (being VP of the AMA and an ED physician at St. Vinnies is no easy job)

Also he got me interested in learning about history.

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