Sunday, July 24, 2011

4ONE Day-51-24JUL11

Love my pens, grateful that I have the pleasure to write with them. I love writing with my fountain pens and although my writing is horrible, something special to me about writing with these wonderful utensils. These are my favorites. From the top:
Mont Blanc ink - the ink's not that wonderful but the bottle is, that's why I like it
Noodler's Ink - now this is great stuff... bulletproof (not really, it just means that it is water and solvent proof once used on cellulose) and wonderful colors...
Faber-Castell emotion fountain pen
Lamy ABC
Lamy Safari

I really wish I could improve my writing is so ugly. sigh... better just be grateful I can write.

The photo is pretty terrible though... didnt really take my time... just set up and shot... then had a look and wasnt happy with the result but at the same time... was a little lazy to fix it... cos my backdrop is actually my guitar it was a hassle to move... lol...

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