Saturday, July 16, 2011

4ONE Day-43-16JUL11

Today is Saturday. That is enough to be grateful for. It is the weekend, but what have I spent the weekend doing? In front of the laptop all day trying to study. Managed to get 5/6th of a lecture done... but otherwise, a mostly a wasted day. Oh I did go out and weed the garden. But because I found it hard to photograph Saturday, I was trying to rack my brains and think of something to photograph.

Something I really love is sneakers. Love all my sneakers, grateful to be able to acquire many many different types and colored sneakers. Love the way they fit, love the way they look, love the way they feel, maybe not so much the way they smell... especially on a hot summer day. None-the-less, just wanted to share some grateful sneaker love. Enjoy.

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